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Learn more about the artists that produce our coffee bag artwork.

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Demart Denaro

Oakland, CA

From drawing, tattooing, meditating and of course, making coffee, Demart Denaro's work embodies characteristics of the earthly world we live in and his interpretation of the 'other' worlds. His usual works of ballpoint pen is a stab and dragging away of the thin veil that tends to divide this world and those other worlds. A sort of curious exploration of what is invisible to the naked eye.

His works gather influence from a barage of resources including his travels, japanese blood, ancestors, and his upbringing into this earth.


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Marissadjafroodi 1509a6f5ca4b598a0eaefb913a70cec33cc5f40fc205195f4436210c21f1113f

Marissa Djafroodi

Oakland, CA

Marissa Djafroodi enjoys solving puzzles and uses drawing as a way to work through and organize her thoughts. It's therapeutic in the way that it helps her make sense of the crazy and chaotic world we live in. Somehow her drawings always end up looking like something you'd see when looking under a microscope! Making and appreciating art has always been a huge part of her life, and living in the Bay Area has exposed her to an amazing art community. Through art, Marissa has been able to directly connect to the environment around her.


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Mattdye a3d2607a2c1d88aee0de0b83d86b724238d496ee816809bdba604a81ae4a6530

Matt Dye

Detroit, Michigan

Matt Dye is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Detroit, Michigan. He creates art for comics, children's books, art galleries, touring bands, and more. He also specializes in creating artwork for screen printing.


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Jonathanlamantia 8a01551b41c40ad617f4a07f01cbdebed0a2d7b61b93689d68a05fb84081dff9

Jonathan La Mantia

Chicago, IL

Jonathan La Mantia enjoys drawing monsters and other weird things. He watches a lot of horror movies and when he’s not drawing he spends his free time at local comic book and record shops.


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Sydlow f97074b2f82d4af4d553fa7fa1a674ba84f80460c803f607169f579138eadb2c

Syd Low

San Francisco, CA

Syd is yr local hip barista and radical trans layabout. They enjoy making looping gif drawings and other small stories. Biology dropout turned art school dropout turned successful linguist, they're sort of interested in everything and hope to put that in their work in unsettling and informative ways.


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Niteowl 359259bb215741ab6133fa5e40601bf3498a91ccf0008d3c2aceea36540afa28

Nite Owl

Oakland, CA

Nite Owl is a prolific Oakland-based artist who considers owls to be his medium of choice — whether they appear in his large, colorful murals, stickers on news boxes, or paintings on gallery walls. In their many iterations, his owl characters have become the vehicles for Nite Owl to push the boundaries of geometry and color.

Why Owls? Simply stated, Nite Owl wanted a way to emphasize his love of nature while living amidst the urbanity of the Bay Area. Owls have been prized by many cultures around the world for their wisdom, cunning and being guardians of the night time. As urban sprawl continues to take away natural habitat, Nite Owl feels that it is important to remind humanity of the other side of the equation.


Edition 8 no e138263ba746eaba4ed1c00364dc8cf95aeb6a76d624c56c801f78363c231344
Adrianrogersanchez 3b5c9cd934007aa1d2a5cea48109ff6adb7994b82f72f2cb1e1ee13c6f746d25

Adrian Roger Sanchez

Oakland, CA

Adrian Roger Sanchez is a freelance illustrator and tattoo maker in Oakland California. He enjoys twenty sided die, adventure time, urban exploration, mischief, mayhem and going fast on two wheeled vehicles. For hire for image making in skin or on paper.


Edition 16 ars 4dd0ba7ca854e0060bddff410f681bde74f94043892e73b1a3546b057b87228e
Marensvoboda 76847c76defa93c59a3ed9f235810c23d7a2fafd28d16cad2cbb63c1c7d5b21a

Maren Svoboda

San Francisco, CA

Maren draws, paints, take photos and lives in Oakland. She enjoys taking walks and her guilty pleasure is drawing/painting flower still lifes.


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Gwynntavares a50564938957d84d91d737b7ddf105108b5a7a3cefbe02ae38fdd65b8cb95bf7

Gwynn Tavares

Alameda, California

Gwynn Tavares started her art career as a sculptor. After a few years of working on larger-than-life sized projects she ended up in special effects, where she decided her real interest was in storytelling. Gwynn decided to go into sequential art and has been working on comic books since 2011, which pairs well with her comedy background as a performer and her love of macabre story lines.


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Jaredwitkofsky fb99adab81bdd52c16ac2598c9c7a639b4aa427e2934a64d32cf1f75974f978e

Jared Witkofsky

Nevada City, California

Jared Witkofsky is a self published artist from Northern California. He works in multiple mediums, using a variety of art forms to express stories and characters. He has self published a comic series, The Sperble Elite, which has recently printed its first graphic novel.

He has displayed his painted works in a series of shows. These paintings vary from still lifes to surreal scenes. He also has made dozens of zines, some of which are collaborations, some independent endeavors. In these zines he uses illustration and the written word for entertainment and storytelling.

In one of his recent projects, The America Studies- Wealth and Finance, he analyzes the Fast and Furious franchise, watching them all and trying to ascertain why they are so successful and prevalent.


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Leazalinskis 93524f1a21fc55d32e7587d0a2b0e762d60b94f2e683ffd9bd234af8ebbc99fc

Lea Zalinskis

Oakland, California

Lea Zalinskis is an illustrator who makes things by hand. Working with cut paper, she creates clean, vibrant work inspired by the whimsical and the absurd. When she's not making still pictures, she works on animations at her company Rad Orange Productions. She is a children's book enthusiast, a collector of stories, and a drinker of too much coffee.

In the studio she can often be found amidst a large pile of multicolored scraps, tweezers in hand, gluing pieces of paper to other paper. Sometimes she finds paper in her shoes. She lives in California with a trusty cat named Minna, who, despite the tempting flurry of art materials, has not once sabotaged a single illustration.


Edition 15 lz 876f603b57a84550fb9a4913feab408634c402e06aef5e5cef905295fb998318